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Newington, NH 03801
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We provide compassionate medicine, with a focus on each individual patient. Schedule your appointment with one of our highly qualified physicians today.

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Welcome to Northeast Surgery Center!

Northeast Surgery Center is a freestanding, outpatient surgery center dedicated to a broad range of surgical procedures. Our surgeons specialize in orthopedics, pain management, ophthalmology and ENT, with capabilities and licensure in podiatry, plastic surgery and general surgery. We provide compassionate medicine, with a focus on each individual patient. Our experienced surgeons have dedicated themselves to caring for patients within the Seacoast area and surrounding communities. When you walk through the door, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

We welcome you to explore our site to get a feel for our facility, procedures and physicians — plus the latest information on your procedure. Read more here.

We Offer A Site of Service Benefit

What is the Site of Service Benefit? The Site of Service benefit, offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, makes it possible for patients to receive high-quality care and experience lower out-of-pocket expenses by choosing an approved Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) rather than a hospital for their surgical services. At an ASC, patients will pay a $75 co-pay, which is often significantly less than co-pays charged by the hospital for the same procedures. Because the overall cost of care at an ASC is less than the hospital, insurance premiums are often positively affected.

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